Find Car Insurance Quotes in Columbus Ohio: Factors and Tips

For your convenience, we conclude some of the most needed insurance, namely car insurance. You can find the one that may cover your need. Without further ado, here is a list to find car insurance quotes in Columbus Ohio.

Car Insurance Rate in Columbus

In the U.S., Columbus’s car insurance rate is considered below average, even though Columbus is the capital city of Ohio. Whereas the average rate for car insurance in the U.S. is $743, Ohio’s average rate is $587, and Columbus’s is $675 in a period of 6 months.

Best Find for Car Insurance Quotes in Columbus Ohio

As of July 2023, 7 companies to find car insurance quotes in Columbus Ohio are as follows:


USAA is a member-based insurance company. The company’s primary focus is insurance for military members and their families. In Ohio State, USAA offers full coverage for car insurance is $473 per 6 months or about $79/month.

2. State Farm

State Farm is already a well-known insurance company across the United States. In Columbus Ohio, State Farm’s car insurance is $532 per 6 months or $89/month.

In June, State Farm’s Rate is considered expensive at $186/month. This price improvement by State Farm can be the best find for car insurance quotes in Columbus Ohio today.


Our third recommendation to find car insurance quotes in Columbus Ohio is GEICO. GEICO offers full coverage for car insurance at $591 per 6 months or $99/month.

4. Erie Insurance

Slightly more expensive than GEICO, Erie Insurance offers $597 per 6 months of car insurance premium. You can compare the two companies by their customer service or by your history with one of them.

5. Progressive

Progressive car insurance is offered at $634 per 6 months period or $105/month. Keep in mind that Progressive is also associated with third-party insurance policies. After discussing your car insurance policies, you will be in touch with one of Progressive’s underwriters.

6. Ohio Mutual Insurance Group

In Ohio, there is also a local company offering car insurance, namely Ohio Mutual Insurance Group. The policy for full coverage of car insurance is rated at $709 per 6 months. The company offers service in 7 states including Connecticut, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. 

Ohio Mutual Insurance Group consider its policyholders as a member. With that mindset, the company actually works for your benefit and provides services the best it can. It is aligned with some of the satisfied customer reviews as seen online. 

7. Allstate

This well-reputable insurance company has already made a name for itself across the nation. Allstate offers car insurance policies in Columbus at $1.095 per 6 months.

Both Ohio Mutual and Allstate fall into the more expensive insurance rate in Ohio’s capital city. If you are eligible to get a policy from USAA, we highly recommend the company’s policy. Later, you will find a range of prices according to some factors that insurance companies use to determine your quote.  

Accounted Factors for Car Insurance

You might experience a little difficulty to find car insurance quotes in Colombus Ohio that fits your desire. There are some matters that insurance companies use to count your insurance premium, including: 

1. Bustling City

The average premium cost for a car insurance policy in Ohio is below the average car insurance rate in the U.S. but, the price between policyholders can also vary. In Columbus itself, the average rate is higher than Ohio’s rate. This is due to Columbus being a bustling city in Ohio.

2. Age

Your age can be one of the most important factors in an insurance company’s eyes. Teenage drivers will get a higher premium cost due to their lack of experience in driving, as opposed to someone in their 20s or 40s.

As listed before, here are car insurance costs for teenage drivers per 6 months:

  • USAA – $1.291
  • State Farm – $2.091
  • GEICO – $1.754
  • Erie Insurance – $1.616
  • Progressive – $2.404
  • Ohio Mutual – $2.144
  • Allstate – $2.655

Keep in mind that as time goes on, a policy that is best when you are in your 20s will differ when you are older. More experienced drivers will get a lower premium cost.

3. Credit Score

Credit Score is considered the most important factor to determine your premium cost. Someone with a poor credit score (300-579) will be charged 112% higher than someone with an excellent credit score (800-850). 

As for Columbus residents’ credit scores, the majority is at average. So, your credit score can be one of the first things you improve to find car insurance quotes in Columbus Ohio best suited for you.

Tips to Get the Best Quote

While discussing your best-suited quotes, you can touch on these topics for a chance to lower your rate.

1. Discounts

One of the most common ways to get lower premium cost is discounts. Remember that these discounts are not applicable to every insurance company. However, you can check their website to make sure which company offers which discounts.

The typical discounts for car insurance are:

  • Multi-car discounts
  • Good student discount – for a full-time student that maintains a high GPA (B or better)
  • Safe driver discount – for a driver with a clean record for a certain amount of time,
  • Safety features discount – if a car includes anti-lock brakes, anti-theft devices,  electronic stability control, or airbags
  • Defensive driving course discount – is eligible if you already completed the course
  • Low mileage discount – if you rarely use the car
  • Good credit discount
  • Renewal discount 
  • Loyalty discount, and
  • Membership discounts

Some insurance companies might add more terms and conditions to their standard. But generally, insurance companies will be pleased to serve their customers with discounts. Applying for discounts can be beneficial to you as you get a better price, and also for the company as they know you are a better policyholder with lower risk.

2. Bundling Policy

To get the best premium rate, aside from applying for discounts by bundling your policies. Discounts are typically one of a kind in some insurance companies, but generally, you can bundle car insurance with home insurance.

Here is a list of said insurance companies’ rate bundled:

  • USAA – $446
  • State Farm – $436
  • GEICO – $543
  • Erie Insurance – $547
  • Progressive – $540
  • Ohio Mutual – $608
  • Allstate – $909

These prices are per 6 months period. As presented, the premium cost for a car insurance policy in the same companies is lower. This is a good way to protect both your home and car at the same time.

3. Minimum Coverage

Another way to lower your premium cost is by getting a car policy with minimum coverage. Here are the said company’s prices in minimum coverages:

  • USAA – $160
  • State Farm – $200
  • GEICO – $194
  • Erie Insurance – $203
  • Progressive – $257
  • Ohio Mutual – $228
  • Allstate – $344

Knowing these prices can give you a range of prices between minimum coverage and full coverage for every company. Although getting a minimum price is cheaper, in case of an accident happens you are more vulnerable. Also, raising the deductible for comprehensive coverage and collision coverage might be a safer option. 

Ready to Find Car Insurance Quotes in Columbus Ohio?

We have listed the most updated version of the best car insurance quotes in Columbus Ohio above. But, take note that these prices are dynamic according to the company’s policy. Also, don’t forget to apply some extras such as uninsured motorist policy and roadside assistance.