Renting A Car Through Insurance Company: How to Get a Claim?

If you have a private car and often use it for traveling, it would be better to buy car insurance for it. You can consider car insurance that provides rental vehicle coverage when your car cannot be used due to an accident. Renting a car through an insurance company is usually more economical because it is part of the claim.

Most insurance companies have good relationships with car rental companies. As a result, your mobility will not be disturbed because you can get a temporary replacement vehicle. You only need to make a claim and the insurance company will look for a rental car.

To get complete information about renting a car from an insurance company, be sure to read the following discussion to the end.

Rental Car Reimbursement

Car insurance companies usually offer many types of coverage that policyholders can choose from. You need to consider rental car reimbursement coverage if you want to get coverage for vehicle rental costs provided by the insurance provider.

You can claim rental car reimbursement coverage when your car is being repaired after an accident. Vehicles that are slightly damaged or even seriously damaged due to an accident will receive compensation from the driver’s insurance company.

In addition, the driver’s insurance company will also provide a rental vehicle to the driver whose vehicle is affected by an accident. For example, if the accident happened to you due to another driver’s fault, then you need to submit a claim to your insurance agent.

Furthermore, the insurance companies of both drivers will settle the matter behind the curtain to pay their respective claims. Thus, the rental car reimbursement coverage will compensate for damage to the car due to the fault of the driver himself or another driver.

Renting a car through an insurance company would be a smart choice because it can save you from upfront costs. Insurance companies generally have agreements with car rental companies not to charge rental fees to policyholders. 

All fees are usually the responsibility of the insurance company as they are part of the coverage provided.

Guidelines for Getting Reimbursement from Your Insurer

If you are a car insurance policyholder, then you can make a claim if you have an accident that requires your car to get repaired. Claims that you may receive include reimbursement, rental car coverage, and car repair.

To find out the level of damage to your car, the insurance company will send a loss assessor who will describe the damage to your car to the insurance company. The results of the inspection will also determine whether you are eligible to get a rental car as compensation while your car is under repair.

Usually, the type of rental car provided by insurance is based on your damaged car. If you don’t get a decent rental car, then you can complain because the conditions for giving a rental car are contained in the insurance law. 

Here are guides for getting a rental car reimbursement claim:

1. Photo Evidence of Damage

To speed up the claim process, you must include strong evidence. Ensure to take photos or videos immediately if you have an accident. Take detailed photos and videos of the damaged parts to make it easier for the insurance company to identify the damage.

2. Immediately Get Other Driver Contacts

If the accident that caused damage to your car was the fault of another driver, get the driver’s contact immediately. In fact, you can also ask for the complete information of the driver to make it easier for the insurance provider to follow up.

Through the information you get, the insurance company will contact the driver so they can resolve the problem of coverage with the driver’s insurance company.

3. Get a Police Report

Claiming a file due to renting a car through insurance company finishes quickly by getting a police report. To support the validity of your insurance claim, contact the police after an accident or within 24 hours.

After receiving the report, the police will inspect the scene, take photos as evidence, inspect the damage, and determine who is at fault in the accident.

Furthermore, your insurance company will discuss with the police to find out exactly who is at fault. Knowing who is at fault and causing the accident will determine the coverage costs provided by the insurance company.

What If the Insurance Company Doesn’t Provide Rental Car Reimbursement?

Given that, every company has its policy in providing coverage to policyholders, not all insurance companies provide rental car reimbursement. Here are some alternatives if you don’t get rental car reimbursement coverage:

1. Prepare a Budget for Car Rental Expenses

If the car damage caused by an accident is quite severe, it usually takes time for repairs. You can rent a car using your personal money. The decision to rent a car with a vehicle rental company can be an excellent solution if the means of public transportation where you live is inadequate.

In order not to shake up your finances, you can set aside money that can be used as an emergency fund if you have an accident. As a result, even if the damage caused by an accident is not covered by insurance, you are not overwhelmed by paying for car rental costs.

2. Ask for a Rental Car Reimbursement for Another Driver

The next alternative if your insurance company does not provide a rental car reimbursement is to ask the other driver’s car insurance for this coverage. You can ask for this coverage if another driver is found guilty and causes damage to your car

3. Using Public Transportation

If you live in an urban area and have reliable public transportation, it would be better to use public transportation. You can also choose other types of transportation such as subway, trolley, bus, or taxi. In fact, you don’t need to spend a lot of money when traveling around the city using this public transportation.

Does Renting a Car Through Insurance Company Post Help?

In summary, renting a car through insurance company will be more convenient and economical because the insurance company will pay the rental fee. Keep in mind that not all insurance companies provide coverage for a rental car reimbursement.

You can consider the alternatives mentioned in the article above just in case your insurance company does not cover a rental car reimbursement.