Cheapest Car Insurance for Two Cars: Most Suggested Insurers

Are you a driver with multiple cars? If yes, we know that your current problem is looking for the cheapest car insurance for two cars. Insuring multiple cars might spend more money if you choose the wrong insurers. Therefore, we are here to provide you with several choices of the best car insurance companies to purchase. 

What is the Cheapest Car Insurance for Two Cars?

Insuring cars to an insurance company is a must for every driver. We cannot forecast what kind of incident might happen to our car. Therefore, making sure its financial protection is strongly suggested. However, why are there still many people who do not realize the importance of this issue?

Paying for higher premiums might be one of the reasons behind it. Most drivers may think that when they insure two cars, the premium will be doubled. In contrast, the fact says differently. Some car insurance companies will give many advantages, especially discounts, for a driver who wants to insure multiple cars.

As a guide for drivers, we will provide you with the cheapest car insurance for two cars as listed below.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Two Cars: An Overview

Before jumping to the list of cheapest car insurance for multiple cars, let’s get to know how this insurance works in general. 

1. Multiple Cars on Behalf Multiple People

When you want to insure two cars at the same time, you also have to think about who is the other person to register as a policyholder. This means you can’t insure two cars under your name. You may choose someone else from your family, such as your spouse or children. 

In addition, relatives or close friends who live in the same place as you are also welcome. As a suggestion, prioritize the person’s name who also drives your car frequently. 

2. The Coverages for Two Cars Insurance

Before registering your cars, you should learn first about what kind of coverage is offered by the insurer. Will it be the same as you insure a single car? Mostly, the types of coverage for a single car and two cars are similar. 

One thing that contrasts is when you insure two cars, which means several types of coverage have to be shared between them. For example, property damage liability and bodily injury liability are shared. Meanwhile, comprehensive and collision coverage can be applied separately, so cheaper rates are still possible. 

3. Aspects to Affect Two Cars Insurance Rates

When you insure two cars, does the aspect that affects your rates will be similar to a single car? Yes, it is actually the same. Those aspects include the place you live, the type of cars, the number of drivers under your policy, credit score, driving history to how many types of coverage you choose. 

There are actually more factors that affect your rates. That is why when you have multiple vehicles to insure, make sure to get the cheapest car insurance for two cars as we suggested in the following point.

Cheapest Car Insurance for Two Cars: The Most Recommended Insurers

Now let’s think that paying insurance for multiple vehicles is not as expensive as everyone says. This is actually a fact since several companies offer affordable rates for it with several requirements. The listed companies below might be the best option for you since they are the cheapest car insurance for two cars. 

1. State Farm

Number one on the cheapest car insurance for two cars list is State Farm. The company has been established for more than a century and now becomes one of the biggest auto insurance providers in the country. What makes State Farm highly recommended is that this company is backed up by many good customer reviews. 

In addition, State Farm is also well known for its various discounts. For example usage-based insurance, discounts for students, and surely lower prices for two cars. If you insure 2 cars under State Farm, the discount you will get is up to 20%.

Finally, for your information, the rate for a single car with full coverage in State Farm is around $123 per month. Remember, you’ll get a 20% cheaper quote if you insure two cars under the same policy. 

2. Elephant

How does multiple car insurance under Elephant work? Even though the company was just founded in 2009, it is already known as an insurer with reasonable costs for one-year insurance terms. The insurance for multiple cars is also possible for discounts on premiums up to 48%.

Meanwhile, the average rate for a single car with full coverage in Elephant is around $190 per month. It is quite higher indeed, but you still have a 48% discount for multiple car insurance to make it much cheaper. Unfortunately, Elephant is only available in 8 states.

3. Geico

When we talk about auto insurance, Geico is obviously on the list. One of the reasons is that this company is available in all 50 states. The most interesting thing, Geico is known as an insurance provider with the cheapest rates of all.

The company offers several additional coverages, such as rental car reimbursement, rideshare insurance, and emergency roadside assistance. Meanwhile, they also have a discount of up to 25% for multiple car insurance. 

Last but not least, the typical rate for a single car with full coverage is around $109 per month. This rate is not included the multiple cars insurance discount yet.

4. Progressive

The last on the cheapest car insurance for two cars list is Progressive. The company has been around since 1937. What makes Progressive more considerable is the fact that the company has a great industry reputation with various coverage options and discounts.

The additional options such as accident forgiveness, roadside assistance, and rideshare coverage. The available discount for multiple cars is 12%. Meanwhile, the average rate for a single car with full coverage is around $134. Eventually, Progressive is available everywhere since they have 50 branches in all 50 states.

Have You Known The Cheapest Car Insurance for Two Cars?

After learning the cheapest car insurance for two cars, you are now educated about how to choose a suitable insurer. Insuring for multiple cars does not mean your premiums will be doubled. In contrast, there are several discounts with many benefits available. So, let’s start a quote for your preferred insurance company!