5 Best Car Insurance for a Couple of Days, You Should Know!

A short-term car insurance policy is the solution you are looking for in your current situation. A driver usually purchases a short-term car insurance policy available for 1 hour to 30 coverage. But how do you get the most reliable car insurance for a couple of days? It’s quick and easy. All you need is to read this article below until the end. 

What is Short-Term Car Insurance?

Some of you might be wondering: Is it okay to buy car insurance for a couple of days? For sure, you can do that. Most people buy an auto insurance policy that covers for 1 year. In some cases, however, short-term car insurance is needed. So, what is short-term car insurance actually?

Short-term car insurance or also known as temporary car insurance is a flexible insurance option when you need protection in a couple of days. This temporary car insurance typically covers your vehicle from one hour to several months.

Why Should You Buy Short-Term Car Insurance?

Temporary insurance can be useful for many situations whether you own a car or not. Other than that, there are lots of reasons you might need temporary auto car insurance coverage, including:

1. Test Driving

If a dealer or seller allows you to test drive the car before deciding to buy, you need to pay for short-term insurance coverage. You can find fully comprehensive coverage as standard protection to get peace of mind on your test drive. 

2. Borrowing a Friend’s Car

You need temporary insurance if you want to borrow your friend’s or family member’s car. This insurance allows you to drive other vehicles that are not yours. 

3. Collecting or Delivering a Car

Another reason why you should buy temporary insurance is when you want to go and pick up the car you just bought. This short-term insurance is the quickest way to arrange for your vehicle to be covered. 

4. A Weekend Getaway

You may want to share driving duties if you’re going away for the weekend. Selecting short-term insurance for a day or two days allows you to drive at any time without having to worry on the road. Thus, if something unexpected happens on the road, you can claim your insurance.

5. Moving Home

Need to borrow a bigger car to move your stuff to a new house? Use temporary insurance to rent a car for 48 hours or more. So you no longer have to worry about moving home safely.  

How Does Short-Term Car Insurance Work?

Short-term car insurance may cover temporary coverage that can last from an hour to several months. You can manage the duration of your policy when you draw up your coverage. If you need a longer time, you can ask more about extending your insurance to your insurance company.  

Furthermore, temporary insurance is typically for fully comprehensive protection. You can also add additional coverage such as driving abroad or breakdown coverage. Depending on the insurance provider, some insurers may provide quotes for third party only. 

If you’re applying for a temporary insurance policy, your annual car insurance policy will not be affected. It’s because they are completely different and separate so it won’t affect your no-claims bonus. 

When it comes to finding the right short-term car insurance, you need to compare one insurance company to another. So you can get the best quote or even a better discount on your coverage. 

How Much is Short-Term Car Insurance Rate?

The cost of short-term car insurance varies greatly. It depends on your situation and vehicle. Some of the factors that affect insurance rates are car type, mileage, location, and driving history. 

The less mileage, the less likely you are to have an accident. Then the insurance company will determine a cheaper price. This also applies to your location. The insurance company will consider where your car is stored overnight. If your location is safer then you’ll get a lower premium rate.

Additionally, the type of your car will also be considered in determining the car insurance rate. The higher the class of your car, the more expensive your insurance will be. Insurance companies will also look at your driving history. If there are many violations, it will affect your temporary car insurance premium. 

5 Best Car Insurance for a Couple of Days

Not all insurance companies offer temporary auto insurance coverage. It can be a daunting task to choose a trustworthy insurance company that you can rely on. Therefore, let us give you the best insurance company for short-term protection. Here are the details.

1. Nationwide 

Nationwide is one the best insurance companies for temporary car insurance policy. It is a reputable insurance company that offers multiple coverage throughout the country. In terms of temporary coverage, this company doesn’t charge cancellation fees. Thus, you can buy coverage and cancel when you don’t need it. 

2. Hagerty

Another insurer you can rely on is Hagerty. This company offers flexible coverage options with guaranteed values. They offer temporary insurance with a focus on classic or collector cars. There’s an economic rate that you can choose from.

3. Veygo

Veygo is a reliable insurance company. It offers temporary car insurance at an affordable price. You can choose to insure for one to 60 days. In addition, Veygo provides flexible insurance options with instant coverage. The process is so easy and quick. You will have peace of mind to make a claim. 

4. Progressive

Progressive can provide temporary car insurance for claims. They have a range of coverage including rideshare. However, this company does not insure cars that cost more than $150,00.

5. Dayinsure

You can rely on Dayinsure to buy short-term car insurance. The company offers the best temporary policies for international protection. You can opt for coverage from one hour to one month. However, Dayinsure is only available for the UK and EU regions.

So, Would You Buy Car Insurance for a Couple of Days?

If you need to purchase car insurance for a couple of days, you must really understand the whole policy. Ask the insurance company how to insure a car within a day or one month. Afterward, get the best quote possible to enjoy a worry-free behind-the-wheel.