Average Car Insurance Cost Per Month By Age and State: The Differences

In the United States, various pricing factors determine the cost of car insurance. For example, gender, location, age, vehicle type, excellent and poor credit, state, company, etc. The price could be paid monthly or annually, but this article will show the average car insurance cost per month by age and state. 

What is Average Car Insurance Cost Per Month by Age and State Mean?

As we know, there are requirements for getting a car insurance quote and several essential factors. The factors decide whether the price will be high or cheap. As a result, some companies categorized the age and states to know the final price. In addition, young drivers and states with high risk will have more expensive costs.

The factors used were the ages 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 30, and until 75 years old. Meanwhile, the states in the United States here are Alabama, Alaska, Wyoming, and more. Furthermore, other factors are also included by some car insurance agencies, like road conditions, total drivers and traffic conditions, and living costs.

Monthly Car Insurance Costs by Age  

Car insurance costs by age, usually starting from 16 years old until 70 years old. Drivers with young ages like 16 need to pay more than regular drivers from 21 years old. Also, elderly drivers, like 70 years old, have to pay more expensive. The main reason is that young and elderly drivers have a high risk while driving.

The costs of coverage range from teenagers to the elderly. Furthermore, the price will be reduced until teens have more driving experience. Typically, the price begins to fall between the ages of 21 and 65. It will then rise again when the automobile owner reaches the age of 70. These are the types of age differences:

1. Teens Driver

For deciding the average car insurance cost per month by age and state, teenagers are considered the riskiest drivers. Most accidents caused by drivers aged 16 to 19 can be up to three times per mile. As a result, insurers get a high price to claim teen drivers. 

2. Adults Driver

Adults drivers usually start from the early age of 20s. By the age of 25, the premium cost will decrease significantly. The main reason is that the drivers who gain more experience will get low prices.

3. Seniors Driver

By the age of 70, unfortunately, the premium cost will start to increase. The main reason that aging factors like eyesight and bad hearing will create more risk of getting an accident. However, if they do not have any accident record for consideration while having car insurance, they still can pay a low price.

Cost Classification by Age

Bank Rate has classified the premium you may have to pay. Here are some of the average car insurance costs per month by age:

  • 16-year-old: $576
  • 17-year-old: $501
  • 18-year-old: $437
  • 19-year-old: $435
  • 20-year-old: $308
  • 21-year-old: $232
  • 25-year-old: $168
  • 30-year-old: $153
  • 35-year-old: $149
  • 40-year-old: $146
  • 45-year-old: $137
  • 50-year-old: $138
  • 55-year-old: $126
  • 65-year-old: $137
  • 70-year-old: $159

Usually, drivers from 30 to 65 years old have their best cost insurance. In contrast, their vision and cognitive ability will decrease as the drivers age. So, they need more protection while driving. As a result, they have to pay more, so the price is expensive compared to middle-aged drivers.

However, some states like Hawaii dan Massachusetts prohibit using age as the factor to determine the costs. Massachusetts does not use particular factors like age, gender, credit history, location, and more because it discriminates against the insurer.

Monthly Automobile Insurance Prices by State 

The rates for the states vary depending on where they are located. For instance, if the state has a high risk of accidents caused by severe weather or natural catastrophes. There have also been occasional incidents of damage and theft. The insurance company will assist the automobile owner in repairing their vehicle.

To repair the car, the company must purchase components and labor; the costs vary by state. In certain states, the cost of purchasing a car part to repair it is more than in others. This also contributes to the high cost of plans with specific coverages. 

Furthermore, each state has rules governing vehicle insurance services with certain coverages. The price considerations are not used in all states in the United States. Massachusetts, for example, does not base coverage costs on gender, age, driving background, location, or other characteristics. They said that there is no prejudice.

Cost Range by State 

Now, for the average car insurance cost per month by age and state, this part will show the typical cost based on the cheapest and most expensive auto insurance prices in particular. 

Most expensive cost for full coverage in some states:

  • Michigan: start from $3,785 a year and $269 a month on average
  • Florida: start from $3,605 a year and $246 a month on average
  • Louisiana: start from $3,399 a year and $283 a month on average
  • Connecticut: start from $2,999 a year and $171 a month on average
  • New York: start from $2,783 a year and $232 a month on average

Cheapest cost for full coverage in some states:

  • Maine: start from $964 a year and $110 a month on average
  • Ohio: start from $1,027 a year and $119 a month on average
  • Idaho: start from $1,349 a year and $116 a month on average
  • Vermont: start from $1,376 a year and $115 a month on average
  • Virginia: start from $1,417 a year and $118 a month on average

Other Considerations Besides Average Car Insurance Cost Per Month by Age and State 

Several factors affect the range or prices of automobile insurance. Not only the age and certain states but also other aspects. The various aspects such as:

1. Mileage of the Car

In this section, the price will be determined by the mileage of your vehicle. If the mileage is high, the automobile is more likely to be involved in an accident. Long distances and mileage, for example, impact the car’s condition. As a result, the insurance quote is higher.

In contrast, Massachusetts will not show the average monthly car insurance cost by age and state because they do not allow it. Instead, they will consider the condition of the damaged car once it gets an accident. Moreover, the reparation bills will be more expensive if the car has big mileage.

2. Gender

The differences between male and female drivers also affect the prices of automobile claims policy. Some agency assumpts that women are likely to have lesser accidents. Even though they get into an accident, they will need fewer claims than men. So, women mostly have cheaper costs.

3. Location

Each state has risks, vandalism, theft, and unconditional weather. Some places, like small towns or rural places, must pay more for insurance.

Does the Average Cost is Expensive for You?

Which group do you fall into after learning the various costs of average car insurance cost per month by age and state? Are you a teenager, an adult, or an elderly driver? Or do you reside in one of the most costly states? Keep in mind that these are not the only criteria to consider. So, prepare the budget and sign up for insurance now!