Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Young Female Drivers: Top 4 Companies

Driving safely and having no worries about the risk from it are everyone deserves to be. So, gender matter is no longer a matter in car insurance specifications. There are some cheap car insurance quotes for young female drivers for you who need it. 

Somehow, car insurance firms view gender as a means to forecast the cost of risk, even if it is not a significant rating factor. So, here is the information to find the best car insurance quote, especially for young female drivers.

Gender As The Qualification to Determine Car Insurance Quote

Before we go further about the cheap car insurance quotes for young female drivers, we need to know why gender is one of the credentials in car insurance. Gender, like many other aspects, might infer to an insurance provider which classification of driver and customer you may be.

However, male drivers under 25 who drive for young clients should pay for much higher auto insurance premiums than young female drivers. Young male drivers are likely to be in an accident or commit a traffic infraction. 

As a consequence, young male drivers cost extra to insure. Women may have to pay a little extra for auto insurance due to their age. The average annual premium for females is $1,734, and for males is about $1,760. Also, States are beginning to phase out this practice. 

The only states that do not take gender into account when calculating ratings are Massachusetts, North Carolina, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Montana, and California. Also accepting of non-binary gender possibilities are California, Washington, DC, and Oregon. Currently, women pay fewer in 21 states and more in 25 states than men.

Top 4 Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Young Female Drivers

Firstly, here is the phase where you would know which insurance companies would be your best choice. Besides, to know the best one, you have to compare some companies to determine which one is the cheapest and comfort your preference. 

So, these are the top 4 best car insurance companies for young female drivers:

1. StateFarm Auto Insurance Company

The first company with cheap car insurance quotes for young female drivers is StateFarm. It is one of the biggest private passenger auto insurers, StateFarm also provides a wide range of other insurance and financial products accessible only through StateFarm agents.

Furthermore, ValuePenguin’s example 17-year-old driver pays an average rate of $4,618 a year, whereas StateFarm costs 28% less, or $3,347 annually. Although that still comes with a hefty price tag, it gives consumers $1,271 annually. 

Somehow, State Farm has the most affordable rates for female drivers compared to Allstate, Nationwide, and Progressive, three other big national insurers. Somehow, StateFarm provides the quotes according to the driver’s age (annual average rates):

  • 17 Years Old: $3,347 
  • 24 Years Old: $1,457
  • 32 Years Old: $1,160
  • 65 Years Old: $1,049

2. Geico Auto Insurance Company

Geico insurance also can be your choice to find cheap car insurance quotes for young female drivers. In the USNews’ ranking of the top car insurance providers for 2023, Geico and Nationwide are tied for fourth place. 

In addition, Geico is also among the top five in several other categories, such as handling claims and retaining customers. Besides, Geico also ranks second for the most affordable annual average rates, scoring under the average nationwide.

The monthly average cost that Geico offers is about $202. The company is second place for the cheapest car insurance quotes for women after StateFarm insurance company. Besides, Geico owns the annual average rate according to gender and age. 

Likewise, here are the annual premiums rate the company offers based on gender,

  • Women : $4,794
  • Men : $4,718

Also, here are the annual average according to age,

  • 17 years old: $4,794
  • 24 years old: $1,965
  • 32 years old: $1,707
  • 65 years old: $1,232

3. Progressive Insurance Company

The next best choice for cheap car insurance quotes for young female drivers is Progressive insurance company. For those who wish to reduce the cost of insurance for teen drivers, Progressive auto insurance is the best option. However, Teenagers’ standard auto insurance premiums might be pricey.

Teenagers are more likely to cause wrecks because they frequently lack driving experience. Somehow, it is preferable to add the young driver to the current insurance plan rather than acquiring separate coverage.

The monthly average rate that this company offers is about $219. It places third place as the cheapest car insurance company for female drivers after Geico insurance company.

Furthermore, this company also separates the qualification to define the quotes according to age and gender. Below is the annual average based on the age of the young female drivers:

  • 17 years old: $4,786
  • 24 years old: $2,287
  • 32 years old: $1,963
  • 65 years old: $1,595

Likewise, this annual rate places second place as the cheapest auto insurance company for females after StateFarm. Anyway, below are the list of Progressive company’s the annual average rate according to the gender,

  • Women: $4,786
  • Men: $5,316

4. Allstate Car Insurance Company

The last list you should write on your note for cheap car insurance quotes for young female drivers is Allstate car insurance company. According to the list of the Greatest Auto Insurance Firms for 2023, Allstate holds a tie for sixth place overall.

Furthermore, the company’s annual rates are more than the national average, and Allstate placed in the bottom half of USNews’ scores for categories like claims Management and customer Service. Customers who responded to a study awarded the company high ratings for making it simple to open a policy.

Allstate car insurance company identifies the customer’s suitability to receive the coverage according to the female driver’s age. Below are the annual average quotes rate: 

  • 17 years old: $5,543
  • 24 years old: $2,926
  • 32 years old: $2,493
  • 65 years old: $1,726

Beside that, not only based on the customer’s age, the company sees the genders as the qualification as well, and here is the annually average quotes according to the gender:

  • Female : $5,543
  • Male : $5,543

So, it quotes at the same cost. Besides, the monthly average rate of this company is about $264.

Find The Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Young Female Drivers Right now!

Recognizing the cheap car insurance quotes for young female drivers is not a big matter if you can find the best company for your choice. Somehow, comparing some companies and checking the quotes is very helpful to find the answer.

So, for the young female drivers, do not be hesitant to register yourself in the best car insurance company which renounces an interesting qualification and offers.